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Are You Looking for a Comprehensive and Complete View of Your Financial Situation But Struggling to Put It All Together?
If you’re like most busy, working professionals today, you are probably searching for a strategy to efficiently accomplish all of the goals you have set for yourself and your family.  However, the first step is overcoming challenges that may stand in your way; challenges like:
  • Finding time in your already hectic day to organize your finances or meet with an array of professionals
  • Building and MAINTAINING a comprehensive Financial Plan while also being held accountable along the way
  • Keeping up the ever-changing IRS guidelines and tax codes while also aligning your portfolio to coincide with your personal values
  • And simply juggling the various elements that your plan might entail – cash flow analysis, protection planning, college planning, student loan planning, retirement planning, tax planning, estate planning, starting a business… the list goes on and is overwhelming if you don’t know where to start
Does any of this sound like you?
If so, you are the reason I have created this free video course.  To help you get a better handle in organizing and managing your financial life.  My goal is to help you put together a big picture view of your financial situation, which will lead to increased confidence in attaining your financial goals, whatever they may be.
In This Course, I Am Going To Teach You:
  • What exactly is Comprehensive & Holistic Financial Planning- we’ll go beyond the buzz words to talk about the process and the accountability.
  • How To Set Goals for You and Your Family.
  • What Tools You Will Need to Take Action & How To Take Those First Steps Towards In Your Action Plan.
  • How To Start Building a comprehensive Financial Plan specific to YOUR unique situation, not a cookie-cutter template.
  • What Are Some of the Most Common Problems That Keep People Up At Night and How To Overcome Them.
  • What Are the Most Common Myths That People Believe About Financial Planning?