How To Keep The Family Together After You’re Gone,

and Avoid The Pitfalls That Cause Division Over Finances

Family dynamics can be complicated. And even more so when money is involved. Many retirees today are wondering how they can take steps now to ensure decisions are made ahead of time to help avoid divisions in the family after they’re gone.

In This Free Guide You'll Discover:

  • The Top 6 Issues Family Members Divide Over, and The Key Questions You Should Answer Now, So Your Loved Ones Don’t Have To When You’re Gone.
  • Why a Will or Trust May Not Be Enough.
  • How To Prepare a Letter of Instruction Now To Inform Everyone of Your Wishes When You’re Gone.
  • The 3 Critical Issues That Should Be Covered In Your Letter of Instruction.
  • And much, much more!

We know this is a difficult aspect of planning for many families. Get your copy of this report today and ensure you’re family stays intact after you’re gone!

About the Author

Dana is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP®), a fee-only fiduciary, and the Founder and CEO of Twin Cities Wealth Strategies, Inc. With over 15 years of experience in the financial services industry, he provides trusted financial advice and guidance to busy professionals, business owners, medical professionals, entrepreneurs, and families so they can concentrate on the things that matter most to them. Dana believes that everyone’s situation is unique and that they have a right to a trusted advisor who puts their interests first. 

In his spare time, Dana is very active in the local community. He is a sought-after speaker to local groups, companies, and schools on the topic of financial literacy. Dana resides in Maple Grove, Minnesota with his wife, Sonja, and three daughters, Isabel, Gianna, and Jessica.